Domestic Delivery

Nationwide Excellence:

With a network of 10 branches spanning the entire country and a dedicated team of around 500 couriers, we deliver daily services nationwide, extending beyond the Green Line. Our comprehensive service offerings include expedited OVERNIGHT deliveries, SAME DAY services, and strategically placed distribution points. Backed by a responsive human service system, our team ensures quick and efficient solutions, coupled with technical support from our in-house programming team and seamless system integration.

SameDay Delivery

Collect by Noon, Delivered to Your Doorstep Today!

Overnight Delivery

Your Package to Your Doorstep within 24 Hours!

Pickup points Delivery

Swift and Reliable Distribution Points Across the Country

Domestic shipping: Peace of mind at every step

Our commitment to developing both technological and physical infrastructures empowers us to offer advanced logistics services to businesses nationwide. Yet, one of our most distinctive features is the unparalleled level of service.

96.7% of shipments arrive in less than 24  Hours!

Seamless integration across all platforms

Regardless of your store’s platform, if you aspire to elevate satisfied customers into exceedingly delighted ones, connect with us.

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